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About the project

Adolescence is an important transitional period during which one expands his or her relationship network. Adolescents make more friends than in the all the preceding developmental stages. They also begin to enter into romantic relationships that are new uncharted territory for them. This is a very important developmental task for adolescents and one that ought to be successfully gone through. It is however obvious that this task at hand makes adolescents face a myriad of problems and risks and that it is not easy for everyone to live through this stage in life. Adolescence is also an important period in life for the development of mental resilience, well-being, and of the capability to positively experience things or to put it simply – of emotional happiness. We are trying to understand how adolescents’ social relationships expand and change during this crucial period, and how their relationships are potentially linked to emotional happiness.   

This project is funded by the Czech Science Foundation ( Our research will advance our understanding of developmental psychology and will improve Czech research efforts in general. This research is a continuation of our previous efforts at the Institute for Research on Children, Youth and Family of the Masaryk University's Faculty of Social Studies, which has been studying human development for two decades and which has made adolescence one of its core focus areas.     

This research is also done in international cooperation with multiple countries, namely the Netherlands, the United States, and Japan. For example, a part of this project was developed thanks to the kind assistance of Dr. E. Saskia Kunnen from the University of Groningen, the Netherlands (Link: