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For adolescents, their parents, and teachers

We are collecting data from September 2016 to August 2018. We will visit gymnasiums once a month for our data collection from adolescents and once in four months from teachers. We will also ask adolescents to take questionnaires back home for their parents to complete. Parents will be asked to return the completed questionnaires in a sealed envelope back to the school.   

The main questionnaire is “the Important People Interview,” which was developed by American researcher, Professor Roger Kobak ( and his colleagues in University of Delaware. 

For example, we are asking your adolescents “To whom do you feel closest?” Adolescents answer four people every month. We are examining how these important people change overtime. We believe that there are some patterns for each adolescent. For example, some adolescents experience a transition from parents to friends, and other adolescents do not experience such a transition yet. During the transition, adolescents may feel some emotional difficulties. Therefore, this research project is important to understand. We are really hoping as many adolescents, parents, and teachers as possible to participate in our project.   

We also collect data about adolescents’ emotional happiness, family environment, and friendship quality.  

All the questionnaires collected in this research from adolescents, their parents, and their teachers will be strictly protected in securely locked storages. We will also assign an identification (ID) number to all adolescents, parents, and teachers. Therefore, all confidential information (names, classes, and schools) will be protected. That is, no one but us will be able to find out who responded to which answers.  

This project was approved by the ethical research board and lawyers in Masaryk University. We promise to follow Czech national laws throughout the entire procedures of our research.